Support for typical
craftsmanship of Campania

to enhance the expression of culture
and the history of this region

Scholarships for
deserving students

for the compatible development
of artisan businesses in Campania

Training courses and
creation of schools

teaching and practice
of ancient artisan techniques


Emiddio Mele Foundation:
giving value to craftsmanship,
a great wealth of Campania

Emiddio Mele

Emiddio Mele, with his brother Alfonso, was an enlightened entrepreneur, attentive to innovations, changes in taste and fashions. A forerunner of marketing theories, he was able to create, with Magazzini Mele, an example of dynamic and successful entrepreneurship. Today the Mele Foundation has as its aim the valorisation and support of the typical expressions of Campania craftsmanship, to be implemented with targeted interventions ranging from the creation of training courses to the provision of scholarships.